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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Beauty with Compassion!  All sponsorship comes with lots of extra love and support via social media, guest posts, etc.  As of right now, I do not have a big following and so my stats are small, but I am growing quickly.  I would still love to have you if you are interested.  If you have any questions/comments/opinions or just want to chat, please email me.  Payments will be done via PayPal.

Don't have your own ad?  No worries, I can make one for you.  If you're interested, I will work with you to make an ad that is appealing.  An ad design is free with an ad purchase.  You can use the ad anywhere you please, as well.  The only things I need are a few photos that you may want to use, what you want said, and if you have any particular font.  Please email me for more info at: kristinanuetzmann [at] gmail [dot] com.

All prices are subject to change as the blog grows.

King of the world  210 x 210px Banner         $15.00
Appears at the very top of my Sponsors section.  Comes with a guest post and lots of social media mentions!  Only one of these per month.

Queen of the castle  210 x 150px Banner         $10.00
These are shown right below the top ad.  Comes with lots of social media mentions!

Jack of all trades  210 x 90px Banner         $5.00
These ads will be shown directly below the Queen of the castle ads.
This blog accepts complimentary products for consideration of review or mention.  Posts with these products may contain affiliate links.  I never guarantee reviews, and I never accept cash compensation for a positive review.  All products have been chosen by myself and will always be disclosed as "c/o" in the post. I only accept products that I would personally use/buy/like/wear and am in no way influenced by third parties. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog (with the exception of user comments) are solely mine, and 100% honest.  If you would like to send me something, please email me.

If you would like exposure for your product or service through lots of social media and an individual blog post, host a giveaway on Beauty With Compassion.  No purchasing of an ad is necessary!  If you would like to collaborate on a giveaway, please email me for more information.

Beauty With Compassion is open to publishing well written and interesting guest posts from fellow bloggers, as long as it fits the theme of this blog.  If you would like to discuss submitting a guest post, please email me.

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