Hi everyone!!

I can't believe some of you are still here! I'm sorry I have not posted in a hot minute, please forgive me? 

Some crazy things have been going on in my life which is why my posting schedule has been so hectic. For one, I moved to Florida. Yes, I am now in Florida, all of the way across the country from where I was. I will not get into why at this moment but just know it is something that I felt was necessary. Bear is having allergic reactions to being in this state but I guess that is a normal thing? Not sure! But I am hoping he will get used to it and stop scratching himself so much.

I've also been in a huge funk. I am going to be moving back to Canada some time in the near future to work on my self. I really want to love myself and cherish myself which is a whole lot harder than it sounds. I'm constantly emotional and down all of the time and that takes its toll on relationships and friendships. I feel bad leaving this place after I've only recently got here but it's something I have to do for myself, you know?

Anyway, how are all of you?! I will be updating and changing things on this blog over the next while so don't be too concerned if things look different next time you stop by :)

I've missed you all!!!! <3


  1. Your dog is cute! Good luck with the move. I'm a Canadian who moved to the US at an early age, then recently moved back to Canada and want to go back to the US now, lol. So welcome to the club!

    1. Thank you!

      Haha wow that is a lot of moving! What makes you want to move back to the US, if I may ask?

    2. My husband is part native from Canada so he has the right to live in the US, which he did, with me, for several years. I am Canadian born from BC and meanwhile was in California so we lived in California for a few years I'm a dual citizen). Then after the economic collapse, we moved back to Canada (which was kind of a shock for me), and now live in Ontario. I do want to go back home, BUT, I don't know if the economy in the USA is safe now or ever will be. It's not that good here either, but at least here there is still some places hiring. The USA is honestly not in a good way and I am scared to go back though I would like to.

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    4. Oops, sorry about the typo, I meant to say "there are still some places hiring." Oh, and all of my family lives in the USA that's why I would like go back but as I said, I think the US economy is even worse than it it in Canada.

    5. I can totally relate but we are in opposite situations currently lol. I'm originally from BC as well, moved to Washington a few years ago and am now living in Florida. I want to go back home to Canada so badly but need to renew my passport first and I don't know where in Canada I want to go yet.


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