The Balm Voyage Holiday Face Palette

Price: $42.50

I am here again with yet another holiday palette that has been released but this time it is from The Balm.  This is a beautiful palette that can make many different looks because of the neutral shades that are included.  I personally love how they paired the neutrals with some brighter shades so you can be bolder with your eyes.  The bright colors are bold but they look to still be wearable, they would be beautiful as a crease color.  The cheek and lip creams included are wonderfully bright but classic to complete your holiday look.  I've gotta say I think this is the most beautiful of the holiday palettes that I've seen so far.

Quoted from The Balm:
Take your look in whichever direction you desire with this season’s passport to instant glamour. Balm Voyage is a travel-friendly palette that contains 16 jet setting shadows paired with 3 lip and cheek creams that stow away conveniently in your carry on. These luxuriously pigmented shadows have high visibility and can be used wet for an extended stay.

What's inside:
● 16 eyeshadows
● 3 cheek & cheek creams

What do you think of this palette?

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  1. I saw this and was intrigued. Although I'm not sure if I like or dislike the packaging xx

    1. I was pretty intrigued too! What makes you unsure about the packaging? I love it personally.

  2. This is so pretty and the packaging is just gorgeous!

    1. It really is a gorgeous holiday palette! I really want to get it. Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Looks good but expensive! xxx


    1. Balm stuff can be a bit pricey but I think it would be worth the money. I wish I had something of theirs to review so I could tell you if it is worth it or not!


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