The Autumn TAG

Good lovely morning to you!  I found this post on Makeup-Pixi3's blog a few days ago and thought I would do my own version.  No, it is technically not fall but it is fun to celebrate the coming of autumn with these tags and I do hope that you will join me!

  1. Favorite thing about it?  The cooler weather, the fashion, the changing of the leaves, the warm snuggly nights indoors, the yummy drinks and of course, jumping in the leaves.  Gotta love that! :)
  2. Favorite drink?  I really do love a good cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.  But cinnamon flavored drinks are very good too!
  3. Favorite scent/candle?  I don't think this is a fall scent but I really like the smell of rain or leaves, if that makes any sense.  I also like the smell of berries, musk and wood.  Quite a combination, huh?
  4. Best lipstick?  I don't wear too much lipstick but when I do I usually go for a darker shade of pink/red or a nude shade.  I think those shades are always in, no matter which season it is, though.
  5. Go to moisturizer?  Glysomed face moisturizer which you can read about here.  I really recommend this product if you can get your hands on it.
  6. Go to colors for the eyes?  Always the neutral shades.  I'm quite a boring person when it comes to makeup so I don't venture out of my comfort zone too much.  Though, I think this season I will try to add more color.  Wish me luck!
  7. Favorite music or band/singer?  I do watch a lot of anime so I really enjoy a lot of music that comes from those whether it be Japanese or English.  Also, The Beatles are a classic band that I will be listening to for the rest of my life.  Some other random stuff thrown into the mix as well but those are my faves!
  8. Favorite outfit to wear?  Cozy, baggy sweater, scarf, leggings or skinny jeans, socks, boots.  That is the perfect outfit for me.  I really love the look of socks under boots that peek out.  If you want to see outfits I love you can go to my Pinterest.
  9. Autumn treat?  Since my birthday is in Fall and only a few weeks away, I am getting a new computer.  The laptop that I've been using for about 5 years recently broke on me, the siding around the monitor is coming off and it won't open or close properly anymore.  So, my lovely husband is getting me a new desktop computer.  So excited!!
  10. Favorite place to be?  I really enjoy being cozy in bed, watching an anime while cuddling with Luke.  Did I make you puke just now with how sickeningly cute that was?  Good :P

So there's my answers!  If you aren't a blogger please comment me your answers down below and if you are a blogger please tweet me (@bwc_blog) the link so I can check it out and share the love!  And as I mentioned above, I tag you ALL to do this so I am not tagging any specific people.  You reading the screen, do this, it's fun!!

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