My top 5 cruelty-free blushes

As you all know I am a cruelty-free blogger and youtuber and so I thought that I would share with you my top 5 cruelty-free blushes.  It wasn't too hard to narrow down since I don't own too many blushes but I stand by what I say in the video, these blushes are all amazing.  I am still new to YouTube so I am quite awkward still and stumble over my words, I hope you can forgive me. ;)

Sorry this post isn't bigger, but I have a busy weekend ahead of me.  It's my husbands birthday today and then I have an interview at Michael's later.  Sunday is football day so we are going over to his sister's house to watch and dye my hair (I'm going dark red).  Something along the lines of this color....

I am so excited to see how my hair turns out!  For all of you that are interested I bought the Ion Color Brilliance Liquid hair color in Dark Intense Red Blonde from Sally's Beauty Supply.  My hair is naturally pretty dark so I do hope it turns out as bright as I want it, if not I can redye it.  I wanted something subtle for work, not something in your face.

Anyway, here is my video.  I do hope you enjoy and please let me know what your top 5 favorite blushes are!

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