Why I've been MIA

Hello, little lovelies!  I know I've been gone for quite a few days and for me it has felt like I've been gone for about a month.  I'm still out of it and may not post for another few days but I wanted to let you guys know what has been going on with me.

Friday was a very long and tiring day.  Luke and I were helping his sister and her husband and their newborn move into a new house.  With the newborn it was hard for both of them to be packing and moving because someone always has to be watching her and such so we offered to help them.  I've gotta admit that my husband did way more lifting than I did because my sister-in-law asked me help her watch little baby Ellie with her so she could do some stuff in their bedroom, I agreed of course.  Who doesn't want to hang out with their niece?  Anyway, we moved everything from their old house into a U-Haul truck and then later we met them over at their new house.  Luke's Mom moved in with them too so they had to move their stuff and her stuff.  Lots and lots of furniture and boxes.  Their new house looks very nice and I can't wait to see it all sorted.

Saturday was my cousin-in-law's birthday party.  She turned they grand ol' age of 2!  My other sister-in-law picked us up early so we could grab some coffee and then drive for 2 hours to get to the birthday party.  If you live in or anywhere near Seattle then you know how bad the traffic was at about 12:30 that day.  We were hardly moving and people drive so terribly that I was a little scared for my life.  I'm not a big city girl as you can tell, I grew up in a small town.  After we finally arrived at the house, it was so nice to see all of the cousins and uncles and aunts that we haven't seen in months.  The three little kids were all playing and being cute, but wow is it tiring giving attention to all 3 kids as well as everything else.  We aren't parents so it was a little surprising to experience this.  We had a great time and enjoyed a very nice dinner, cupcakes and fun times.  It was fun watching little Morgan's expression to the presents she got!

Sunday was a nice quiet day of relaxing from all of the busyness of Friday and Saturday.  We didn't do much besides watch tv, play some games and lay in bed.  Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me. ;)

Monday and today (Tuesday) are filled with less happiness.  When I got home from our trip Saturday I changed into more comfortable clothes and noticed a couple of bites high up on my thigh and there red and very itchy.  I don't know exactly what bit me but I think whatever it was must've been stuck in my tights.  I don't know if my very sore throat is linked to this or not but if it continues I will be going to the doctor.  It feels like I have a very hot golf ball stuff in my throat.

Lots has been going on but because of my throat I'm taking it a bit easy as it is a bit hard to talk.  Luke is also getting a tooth pulled very soon so I think we'll both be relaxing in bed mending ourselves.  How romantic, right? ;)

What was your weekend like? 

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