Tiny haul

This is a small collective haul with items that came from WalMart and Ulta.

I jumped on the Real Techniques brushes bandwagon recently and can honestly say I am sad that I didn't jump on it sooner.  I love this brush!  It applies cream or liquid foundation beautifully.  What more can you ask for?

And these are some samples that I got for free when I ordered the RT expert face brush from Ulta.  I haven't looked into them too closely yet to know if I can even use them or not.  If not cruelty-free then I'm not wasting my time or putting my skin or hair to it.

I finally got one of the new eos lip balms in Pomegranate Raspberry!  I was so excited when I picked it up that I just had to rip it open and try it while on the car ride home.  I kept the packaging to show you what it looks like when you buy it.

And this is what the actual lip balm looks like.  O.m.g it is delicious!  If you haven't tried any of these lovely eos lip balms then I suggest trying this flavor.  I love them all so much but this one is divine, I think I just have a soft spot for anything raspberry.

That does it for me.  A very small, but fun haul.

What have you hauled recently?

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