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Hello lovelies!  I saw this post from the lovely Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3 do this tag and thought it was a neat idea, so here I am...

The Question: If you could only have one ______ what would it be? And, in a few words, why?

This would of course be my Tarte BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer.  I have mentioned this many times and am mentioning it again.  AMAZING product!

Base Product
I guess the Tarte BB cream would work for this as well since I do usually put it beneath my foundation or another BB cream.

Another product from Tarte; Tarte maracuja creaseless concealer.  This is another product that I have used for years and don't want to change.  However, if I found another cruelty-free concealer that was cheaper I may try that out.

Is it weird how I don't use a powder?  To set my makeup I use the e.l.f Studio makeup mist & set to keep my makeup lasting all day.  I don't use a powder but this product acts like a powder and then some.

Blush (cream or powder)
I am a really big fan of cream blushes because they last all day and work well on my dry skin.  I choose the NYX cream blush in Glow.  This is the only one of these blushes that I've tried but I highly recommend them and for $6 you really can't go wrong.

The Tarte amazonian clay mineral bronzer - it's subtle and not too orangey at all.  I haven't done a review of this product yet but when I do wear bronzer I really like how this looks on my pale skin.  It's really not too much.

I use the Hard Candy blush crush baked blush in Honeymoon.  I cannot find this product on the Hard Candy website or the WalMart website.  Maybe it's discontinued?  I really hope not!  This product says it's a blush but is really a highlighter in my opinion.  It gives a very nice glow to the skin but not too much so that your skin looks oily.

Make-Up Brush (single)
My new found love is the Real Techniques expert face brush.  The bristles are super dense which makes applying cream or liquid foundation a dream.  It is very nice quality, too.  The brush I was using before was the e.l.f Studio powder brush.  I really enjoy how that applied my foundation as well.

Eyebrow Product
Most days I don't use any product on my brows I just groom them.  When I do put product in them I use the Wet N Wild ultimate brow kit.  I love how it has two different colors of powder so you can match your brows better and even if you don't use the powder it has a really good wax you can use.

Eye shadow (single)
Recently I've been using the NYX cream eyeshadow in Pinky Beige.  I have always enjoyed using cream shadow as a base or by itself.  They are versatile and this particular shade is my favorite.  I like neutral colors so this is right up my alley.  It lasts all day, literally.  Once it sets you are not getting it off unless you take it off with a makeup remover cloth.

I am one of the very few girls that doesn't wear eyeliner.  I don't touch it, I think it looks too harsh and made up.

Easy!  Pixi large lash mascara in Best Brown.  I love this stuff, it rocks, next question!

Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip Stain
Out of these 3 options it would definitely be a lipstick.  My favorite is the NYX jumbo lip pencil in Hot Red.  Every girl should have a signature red lip and this is mine.  I love, love, LOVE this product!

Lip Liner
GOSH velvet touch lipliner in Pink Peony.  These are fantastic!  They last all day and are 100% waterproof, how awesome!

Lip Balm
My new favorite is the eos lip balm in Pomegranate Raspberry.  It's amazing to the point where you want to take a bite out of it.  Please don't, though.

Nail Polish
Are you serious?  I have so many polishes that I love.  If I HAD to choose one, like you were holding a gun to my head, I would choose the Zoya nail polish in Rica.  If you haven't tried Zoya polishes before, you NEED to.  Like stop what you're doing and go purchase one.  Now.  I'll wait.

So there you have it, my answers.  I hope you enjoyed reading them, and if you're reading these words, you're also TAGGED!  If you do this TAG I'd love for you to leave your URL to the answers below so I can read them too :)

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