My new workout routine

I've been searching around on Pinterest for some exercises and have come across a ton of them.  I have found some that are great to do before a shower and a month long squat challenge that I am trying.  I am on the 2nd day but will tell you if I've had any results at the end of the 30 days.  I'm also going to be doing some of these before shower workouts.  Let's jump in...

I haven't done this one yet but I really want to try it after I do my squat challenge.  I liked this one because it doesn't look too tough.

This one you are supposed to do before every shower but you can do it any time you want.  I probably will do this before my showers so I can just jump into the water. 

I'm on day 2 today and will do this in accordance with the first picture.  I'm excited about this because my legs are tough to slim down so I'm hoping this works!  I like that they don't seem too tough either.

Yes, some motivation is required.  Maybe lots depending on how I feel.  I really do need the motivation but for some reason I've been feeling really energized and motivated (how many times can I say "motivated"?).

What is your workout routine?  Have you/will you try these?
Let me know!!

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