How to: clean your brushes

Good morning all of you lovely people!  As my Real Techniques brushes are new they need a good scrub down and so I'm going to show you how I do it.  Brush cleaning is quite easy there is just one important tip to always remember when cleaning - never let the water touch the inside of the barrel of the brush, it will ruin the brush by loosening the glue and having hairs fall out.  No one wants that.  I've seen some pretty weird tips floating around but mine is pretty easy, you only need two things.

What you need:
+ brush shampoo or regular shampoo or dish soap
+ dirty brushes

What to do:
+ take your dirty brush and put some shampoo right on the bristles
+ open your hand palm up and move the brush in a circular motion, you should see suds
+ do this for a few minutes then rinse the brush with water, not letting water touch the barrel of the brush
+ repeat the whole process again until the brush rinses clean
+ let dry with the brush head facing down so the water can run out

With thicker and fuller brushes such as a kabuki or a buffing brush you may need to do this quite a few times.  It is a little time consuming but regular brush cleaning helps keep your brushes looking their best and besides, they touch your face why shouldn't you clean them?

There is an alternative way to do this: grab a bowl and run a small amount of water into it, when done shampooing your brush rinse the brush in the bowl and repeat the steps mentioned above.  Both methods work great so you can decide which one you would like.  The second one does save you on water, however.  And you're done!

Here is a video of me showing you how I clean my brushes.  Have fun!

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