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Cream eyeshadows are products that I can't live without in my beauty routine.  They prime your eyelids, make your shadows last longer and prevent creasing, what isn't there to like, right?  Right!  I've found a line of cream shadows that come in quite a few colors, work wonders and are wallet friendly, let me show you.

Hard Candy All Lid Up in Feeling Rosey ($5.00) is quite a common color among shadows but I can never have enough creamy pink shadows.  Once applied, this shadow has a very nice sheen to it and once it's set it lasts all day, so you do need to work quickly.  This is also beautiful alone or paired under a powder shadow.  There are some wonderful nudes in this line as well as some very bright accent colors which I don't think I'll ever try because I'm not that brave.  If you are, go for it! :)  Also, if it has been sitting in your collection for a while the shadow can start to crack a bit but if you throw it in the microwave for a few seconds it fixes right up.

From Hard Candy:
Vibrant, long wearing crème eye shadow lights up and enhances eyes. Our groundbreaking hybrid formula has a soft cushion texture that allows it to be worn as eye shadow or eyeliner. This crease proof, stay put formula is blended luminous, multi-colored pearls that provides glamorous evening looks. Available in 10 gorgeous, vivid shades!

I'm really a fan of Hard Candy shadows and if you've never tried any of their products they are found exclusively at WalMart with very fair prices.  All of the products I've tried have worked very well for me and with a pretty cheap price tag it can't hurt to try something.

I've just have to mention that the packaging on these shadows is adorable; a cute little plastic container with a heart in the center of the lid.  Lovely!  They are so comfortable to hold that I pick it up just to hold it.  Is that weird? lol Oh well!

I really love this shadow and very highly recommend this brand so if you have a WalMart near you, I hope you will give something a try!

Happy Friday!!
What are your favorite items from Hard Candy?

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