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I was watching Zoe's video just a few minutes ago and as a girl that grew up in the 90's (I was actually born in 1988), I thought this would be fun to do!  I invite you to do this tag as well so we can all be nostalgic together.  Please put links to your tag post in the comments below!!

Q:  Favorite Disney film?
A:   Aladdin.  That movie has always been my favorite because of the amazing character (Jafar) and just how it plays out.

Q:  Favorite music artist?
A:   The very first CD I ever bought and still love to this day is Linkin Park Hybrid Theory.  I am not ashamed that I like that music though I think my husband wishes I was just a bit ;)

Q:  Favorite candy?
A:   I've tried so many candies throughout my life so it is hard to pick only 1 or two so I will just mention a few: 5¢ candies from 7-11, Nerds. Bottle Caps, Glosettes, Fun Dip.  Yeah, I like candy.

Q:  Favorite game (board game, school game etc)?
A:   I really have a few board games that I like: snakes & ladders, connect 4 (is this considered a board game?  It is now!), monopoly.  For a school games, I have two:  Red Rover (where two teams of people line up horizontally and link arms, sing a cute tune and then call someone over who has to run between two peoples arms, if they break free they go back to their team, if they get stuck they stick with that team), and that big multi colored parachute thing where your whole class would grab it, lift it up in the air then quickly run in close and sit inside of it while it's lifted.  A bunch of other games involving that was fun too!  Here's what I mean:

Q:  Favorite Happy Meal toy?
A:   Those miniature Ty Beanie Babies.  I had so many of them that they filled my room.  Not proud that I used to eat McDonalds that often, though. :(

Q:  Favorite book?
A:   Not much has changed in the book front for me.  I loved Stephen King back then and I love Stephen King now.  But not the really scary ones back then, I was a little chicken.

Q:  Favorite clothing store?
A:   Unfortunately, I can't remember any clothing stores that I used to go to during that decade, how sad is that?  No nostalgic answer here.

Q:  Favorite NickelodeonJR show?
A:   Aaahh!! Real Monsters was my absolute favorite!!  Rugrats and Catdog were pretty good, as well.

Q:  What did you watch when you got home from school?
A:   Pokemon, Digimon.  On Saturdays my favorite show was Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic SatAm).  I am a huge nerd and loved watching these great shows when I got home.  Sonic The Hedgehog (Only the one SatAm one, though) is still my favorite cartoon.  If you haven't seen this show I very highly recommend it!!  Also, Friends I watched a lot.

Happy Saturday!
Please send me those links to your TAG post!  I TAG all of YOU!!

The Questions:
1. Favourite Disney Film?
2. Favourite Music Artist?
3. Favourite Candy/Sweeties?
4. Favourite Game (Board Game, School Game etc)
5. Favourite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy?
6. Favourite Book?
7. Favourite Clothing Store?
8. Favourite NickJnr Show?
9. What did you watch when you got home from school?

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