nail of the week #4

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Last night when I was painting my nails to get ready for this post I experimented quite a lot with the sponge dabbing technique.  With this style your nails don't come out all the same which I like, some have more black here and some have more copper here.  I like it.

What I used:
Hard Candy Itzy Glitzy nail polish in Lil Lilac
Zoya nail polish in Penny
Zoya nail polish in Raven
Physicians Formula Endless Color Custom Nail Trio base coat & top coat

What I did:
1. applied a coat of the PF base coat.
2. applied 2 layers of Lil Lilac.
3. painted a beauty sponge with Penny and dabbed on the ends of the nails.
4. used another side of the sponge and painted it with raven then dabbed it on the very end of the nails.
5. applied 2 layers of top coat.

It took me quite a long time to complete because of drying times and what not but what I was left with I really love.  I wanted to create a bit of a gradient effect which I think I did pretty well.  Again, because of the sponge technique some nails look better than others but I'm perfectly okay with it. Here is what the finished result looks like...

What do your nails look like this week?

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