Nail of the week #2

Welcome to my second Nail of the week post!  Today I tried a new technique with my nails that I am really enjoying and will post a DIY on this technique tomorrow.  Hubby and I are going to the beach tomorrow so I wanted something bright and fun.  For now, though, this is my simple (yet fun) nail of the week!

Zoya Kimmy  //  Milani Quick Dry Top Coat  //  Zoya Kimmy

What I used:
Milani Quick Dry Top Coat (not listed on their website)

The pictures made it a little hard to show the gradient effect that I was going for so that's why I inserted the last picture to show you what it looks like better.  Yes, the polishes look quite similar but I was going for a more subtle look that didn't scream gradient.  If you're curious as to how I got this look, come back tomorrow where I will have a DIY on it!

What is your nail of the week?

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