milani quick dry top coat | unhappy review

You know how I said I would be writing a DIY today on my nail look from yesterday?  Well things majorly changed when I woke up to find my mani has almost completely fallen off.  I know it is from the Milani top coat I bought because I've used Zoya for months and this has never happened.  Safe to say I will never be using this top coat again and because of this experience it makes me not want to try any of their polishes.  Let me show you how my nails looked when I woke up this morning:

right hand

left hand

left thumb

right thumb

How lovely, huh?  The polish is dry and flaking right off as soon as I touch it.  I don't know if maybe I just got a messed up version of the top coat or not but this is certainly not a good top coat, in my opinion.  I will not be buying a Zoya top coat so that this will never happen again.  Guess I'm taking it off and going to the beach with naked nails.

Have you tried any top coats that have done this?

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