how long should you wear your makeup

Did you know makeup has an expiration date?  I didn't until recently because I don't actually check.  Oops!  I always use makeup until I notice it is going bad, drying out, etc.  I bet if I checked my makeup almost all of it would be expired.

You rarely hear anything about makeup going bad, right?  But apparently it can do just that.  Make up that is kept longer than recommended can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which then leads to problems like eye infections, breakouts and rashes. How gross!

A survey by Debenhams revealed a massive 73% of women don't check the expiry dates on makeup and are actually keeping it waaaaay beyond the recommended time.  Yeah... I'm one of those women.  I feel like it is such a waste to throw away perfectly good makeup when I feel like it still works great, especially if I spent a lot of money on it.  It does make sense though, you wouldn't put anything else on your face well after it's expired. 

So.... how long should we actually be keeping our makeup for? This is the problem, isn't it?  How many of us actually pay attention to the expiration date or even remember the exact day we opened the product?  I certainly don't.  However, after hearing about the consequences I will pay more attention to it.  Now, let's have a look at how long you should really be keeping your makeup.

Blush & Bronzer - Two years 
Concealer - Eight months
Eyeliner - One year
Eyeshadow - One year
Face Powder - Two years
Foundation - Six months 
Lipstick - One and a half years 
Mascara - Four months 

Seriously?  I have a big problem then because I keep my concealer and foundation the longest when it should be thrown out first.  The idea of throwing away my expensive Tarte concealer and BB cream is killing me inside.  But this shows it's good to buy smaller amounts of makeup so you use it all up before it's time to be thrown out.

How do you keep your makeup?  Do you hoard it and keep it as long as possible like I do or are you savvy about it and throw it away when it needs to be?

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