Budget friendly beauty finds

Happy Monday and Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends and family!  Today I'm going to show you some budget friendly beauty finds that you can get at most drugstores.  These items are wallet friendly but are still great quality.  So without further ado...

This item is no longer listed on the ELF website so I can't tell you exactly what it's called.  I think it was something along the lines of a custom eyeshadow palette.  I picked mine up at Wal-Mart so you might still be able to find them there.  The neat thing about this is that there were a few different color palettes available that pop in and out of the black case that it's carried in.  Perfect for travel and you can make almost every eye look with this palette.  For both pieces together they only cost $6.

This blush is stunning!  The color I have pictured is Heather Silk and it is just the prettiest blush I've ever seen.  I love deep pink berry shades and this one is HIGHLY pigmented, you only need to slightly dab the brush into the powder and you get tons.  This blush is also very blendable, you can pack on the color and leave it or blend it out for a more natural look.

I haven't used this product much yet, but what I've used of it I really enjoy it.  This tinted moisturizer has nice coverage, hydration, anti-aging benefits and UVA/UVB SPF 20.  It evens out skin tone while still looking natural and nourishes your skin with the ingredients Aloe, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E.  This is great for those really hot days when you don't want to wear foundation.

This is a great alternative to mascara as this is a lash stain and not just any mascara, it lasts 2-3 days on me with just one coat, of course if you put more coats on it would last longer.  Once it's dry, it doesn't budge at all, you can cry, swim, shower, whatever.  The only issue I have with this is when it starts to come off it kind of flakes. 

Do you use cream, powder, or liquid foundation?  Then this brush is for you!  It is an anti-bacterial, synthetic hair Taklon brush.  This is a great brush for buffing in any of the foundations I mentioned before for an even natural coverage.  It never sheds either.  For $3.00 you can't go wrong!

Now if you're looking for only one single eyeshadow, this one is for you.  These can be worn dry or wet for two different looks that are flattering for every eye color, in my opinion.  This is an all around perfect pink.  For a more bold color that lasts all day, put it over top of the cream shadow below.

If you're looking for the perfect pink cream shadow to use as a base for almost any color, you're looking at it.  I love pairing this under other pink shadows (like the one mentioned above) for a bolder look or under neutrals for a more natural look.  It adds beautiful sheen to matte shadows without being too shimmery.  It doesn't crease or fade, making shadows last all day.

What are your favorite budget friendly finds?

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