BB, CC & Tinted Moisturizer Collection + Review

If you're a girl like me who doesn't want a wear a full, heavy foundation that can cake up and once you sweat, look terrible.  That's where BB's, CC's and tinted moisturizers come in.  BB stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm which is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen.  It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer but with a bit more coverage, over a serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder depending on the amount of coverage you want.  BB creams are my favorite.

CC stands for Color Control or Correction Cream.  While BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage.

Tinted moisturizers contain a small amount of foundation, which can provide light coverage for minor blemishes or to even out skin tones. They are usually applied with the fingertips or a cotton pad to the entire face, avoiding the lips and area around the eyes.
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All of these brands are cruelty-free (of course) and they all have easy to use squeeze tubes which make portion control very easy.  I recommend all of these but my favorite is the Tarte BB Cream.

Let's start with the Tinted Moisturizer that I've had for the longest, that is the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer.  That's quite a mouthful, huh?  I've done a review on this product already so you can read what I have to say there.  But what I will say here is that it is one hell of a tinted moisturizer.  It smells fresh and herbal-y, lasts a long time, has great staying power.

Available in 4 shades: ivory to fair, fair to light, light to natural, natural to tan.

The other tinted moisturizer I have is the e.l.f Tinted Moisturizer.   This I got as a Christmas gift from my hubby last year and have liked it ever since.  However, as I currently use a BB Cream I haven't touched this in quite a while.  It is more watery than the Physicians Formula one but with SPF 20 and nourishing benefits of Aloe, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E, it is a very good choice.  Plus, with this having a $3.00 price tag, you can't complain.  It does have a bit lighter of a coverage than the PF one but not too much.  This is a very good tinted moisturizer on a budget.  Out of these 4, this has the biggest color range which is great for people with skin tones in between fair and dark.

Available in 7 shades: porcelain, nude, beige, sand, almond, mocha, espresso.

I only own one CC cream and that is the Hard Candy CC Creme and mine is in shade light.  I've had this product for quite a while but it is way too dark for me as you will see in a swatch later.  I like how it has SPF 15, too.  I can't use it, unfortunately.  They do have a shade called Fair but I think it's darker than the light shade, if you know differently please let me know in the comments.  Hard Candy is a brand that is only sold in Wal-Mart and this cream retails for $8.00 which is more on the pricey side.  Also, the packaging is very cute.  I can't give you much of a review because of not being able to use it but here is what Hard Candy claims:

All-in-one CC Crème (correcting crème) balances your complexion resulting in a soft natural finish. Formulated with special light optic pearls that neutralize the undertones of your skin. The color correcting SPF formula leaves skin looking radiant and flawless.

Available in 4 shades: fair, light, medium, dark.

Lastly, I have my very favorite Tarte BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer.  Another mouthful.  This BB cream is like it says, a primer that is tinted with SPF 30.  This is a very luxurious product because it is so many things at once: primer, moisturizer, light foundation, anti-aging treatment and sunscreen.  This is the very first high end BB Cream that I own and I absolutely love it.  This retails for $34.00 so it is not cheap but if you have a few extra dollars sitting around I would highly recommend this product.  I am surprised I haven't done a post dedicated to this beauty so that will be coming soon so I can rave about it.  Anyway, the consistency is much thicker than the other 3 which I like, I feel like it covers better because of that fact   The best way to apply this that I've found is just your plain old hands.  The heat from them makes it soak into the skin much better than a brush which can make it look cakey.  I love this one and highly recommend it.

Product Performance: Indulge and nourish your skin with tarte’s innovative BB tinted treatment which offers multiple skincare and makeup benefits in one eco-chic tube. This powerfully pure formula not only works as a skin-soothing treatment, but as a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and foundation that visibly improves skin’s overall appearance for a youthful-looking glow. This 12-hour longwear, anti-aging, oil-free tinted treatment primer offers light-to-medium buildable coverage that helps even skin tone and conceals discoloration, acne and other skin imperfections. The creamy, silky formula goes on smooth, hydrates skin and blends easily leaving you with a natural, flawless finish while the broad-spectrum, chemical-free SPF 30 offers ideal protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Powered By: tripleB complex: a proprietary blend of natural diamond powder, plants and lipoamino acids that diffuses light and minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores while improving the appearance of skin luminosity

Broad-spectrum, chemical-free SPF 30 offers ideal protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.
Available in 4 shades: fair, light, medium, tan.

The lighting is a little off in this photo because the Tarte BB Cream and the Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer match me the best.  They are not quite that light in person.  As you can see, the Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer and the Tarte BB Cream match me the best which is probably why I like them the most, the e.l.f Tinted Moisturizer is not an exact match but when it soaks into the skin it isn't too bad, a little off, but not too bad, and lastly the Hard Candy CC Cream is way too dark and that's the shade light.  That is not at all light, in my opinion.  I am willing to try the fair shade if it is lighter than the light shade, please let me know if it is or not!

From this picture you can also see that the Tarte product is much thinker in consistency than the other.  I'd say the e.l.f product is the most runny but that doesn't make it bad at all.  I enjoy all of these!

Happy, happy Friday!!
What is your favorite: BB Cream, CC Cream and/or Tinted Moisturizer?

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