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(This post was taken from my other blog and after I wrote it I threw the polishes away, thus making it impossible to take new photos.  Sorry about that!)

This has been a post long in the making to make sure I didn't miss any facts.  Today, I am going over all of my non cruelty-free nail polishes that I have so you can know more about these brands.  I am not saying you shouldn't buy from these brands, but in doing so you are supporting horrible animal testing.

Anyway, onto OPI.  I emailed them asking for more information about their company and this is what I got as a response:

Tech Response:  "OPI does not test on animals, nor do we contract to have it done by others, and we have never done so.   When "live" testing is required, we use paid human volunteers in an accredited, medically supervised lab,  OPI was an independent family owned company from its founding in 1981, until it was purchased by Coty in late 2010.   Coty stopped all animal testing in 1991, long before they purchased us. "

Sure, they claim that COTY is cruelty-free but if you go and look further into COTY their own facebook page tells you other brands that they own and goes on to list: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Chloé, Davidoff, Marc Jacobs, OPI, philosophy, Playboy, Rimmel and Sally Hansen.  NONE of these brands are cruelty-free.  OPI may be cruelty-free but COTY is not which makes for too many questions, so I am just avoiding it.  I don't like being lied to.  Scroll down to see more!

Essie polishes were one of my favorites until I found out they got bought by none other than L'Oreal.  I was so upset when I found this out because the formulations were great, they lasted a long time and I had so many colors.  But alas, to the garbage they will go...

Company overview: "essie offers more than 250 nail colors – and they just keep on coming!"
Those poor animals...

Sally Hansen didn't upset me too much when I found out they weren't cruelty-free.  I only had a couple of colors and the formulas weren't something to scream about.

Their mission: "My mission is to give women the highest quality, best value, head-to-toe beauty products."  That's great and all but would be better if you didn't hurt animals in your stead.  Seeee ya!

Revlon is a brand that is trying to cover up the fact that they do test on animals because they sell in China.  If you read the statement below they contradict themselves so much it's hilarious.  I don't like a company that tries to cover up what they are actually doing and therefore are lying to their fans.

Company overview: "Revlon does not conduct animal testing and has not done so since 1989. We comprehensively test all of our products using the most technologically advanced methods available to ensure they are both innovative and safe to use. We believe that women should have the opportunity to express themselves through makeup, so we sell our products in many markets around the world and as such, are subject to local rules and regulations. Regulatory authorities in a few countries conduct independent testing in order to satisfy their own mandatory registration requirements. Revlon complies with all regulations in the countries in which our products are sold, and supports the advancement of non-animal testing alternatives and methodologies in our industry."

Okay, you don't test unless it is required by the law of the Country you sell in?  Yet you sell in China.... you know what that means.  Thanks for being so sketchy, Revlon.  You lost my business.

Now, you see a China Glaze polish is owned by American International Industries and according to PETA does not test on animals.  However, China Glaze says they sell in over 140 countries, does that include China?  See for yourself below.

Company overview: "Our product lines include Andrea, Ardell, Body Drench, Checi, China Glaze, clean + easy, Clubman, EzFlow, Fright Night, Gena, GiGi, ibd, 'N Rage, Naturessence, ProLinc, SuperNail, Surgi-Care, Tres Flores, Woltra, and Youthair to name a few. With nearly 40 brands, our niche products reach all segments of retail, beauty-supply, grocery, boutique and specialty markets in over 140 countries and are sold exclusively through distributors and wholesalers."

This statement alone makes me not trust them and so, China Glaze isn't staying in my collection.

You may be thinking that throwing all of this away is such a waste of product and money and you would be right.  However, I will not be using products that come from animal testing companies so it does me no good just sitting in my beauty collection taking up space, either.

I will be making a whole series out of this with different kinds of beauty products that I own that are not cruelty-free.  Examples would be: lip sticks, lip balms, mascaras, eyeshadows, etc.  What do you guys think?

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post and I hope it helped at least some!  :)

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