Saturday Stories

I had this thought that it would be fun to tell a story from a day during that week so you could find out a little more about me, thus Saturday Stories was born.  This story is from Friday, June 21st.  Please bare with me as I am not the greatest of story tellers.  I am hoping this will help me improve.  I would appreciate any feedback! :)  Also, I am not usually this grumpy and down.  My day was just thrown off from lack of sleep.

I open my eyes to see the clock tell me it's 1 AM and notice that my bladder is very full.  I groggily get up and run to the bathroom hating how I have to pee at this terrible hour.  Once finished, I return to the bedroom and to my snoring husband, jealous that he is having a good sleep while I am struggling.  I snuggle back under my blanket, dozing off again...

"Again?!" I think as I open my eyes to see 4 AM, then get up to repeat the previous routine.  When I get back to bed, I hear the birds waking up outside of my window located very near the bed.  It is a few hours before I finally pass out again only to wake up at 7 AM to go pee AGAIN!  Noticing a trend here?  I had a terrible night's sleep to say the least.

Hubby is already up and out of bed at this point as I stomp out of the bedroom, making a pitstop into the bathroom to do the obvious and then out into the livingroom, grumbling under my breath as I go.
"Good morning, honey" he says,
"Good morning.  I had a terrible sleep." I respond.

Fast forward a few hours, it is now lunch time and because of my terrible sleep I am so thrown off and groggy.  I notice that we have second day old garlic bread in the fridge which I decide to heat up and eat for lunch, being too lazy and tired to make anything else.  After lunch I try to get a nap in, doesn't work, of course.  I am sooo tired but my body won't let me fall asleep for some reason, so I decide to give up and just deal with the fact that sleep is not happening.

It's evening now when we decide to go get groceries at one of our local Safeway's.  Today being Friday and typically very busy at the closest store to us, we decided to drive 15ish minutes to go to one that is usually less busy.  Wrong.  I sigh as I notice the parking lot and walk in, hand in hand with the hubby.

I look to the right and see massive lines and sigh again while grabbing a cart, heading towards the produce.  We shop around, grabbing our typical vegetarian food, such as: almond milk, cereal, fruit, noodles, pasta, fake meat products, coffee (for a much needed boost).  Thankfully, by the time we were done the lines were pretty low.  We leave, saying bye to my friends that work at that store.

Having only had garlic bread for lunch, I was starving for dinner and so hubby cooks a yummy pizza which I gobble down.  After dinner, he plays this awesome game we purchased recently for the Playstation 3; Ni No Kuni.  I happily sit on the couch watching him play this game for a few hours until I am tired enough to go to bed.  Good night.

As a side note: there was obviously more talking between us but I didn't include it because it typical speech.  if I included it in this story it would be ages long and I didn't want to do that too you guys.  Thank you for reading!  Would you be interested in seeing this again?  How did I do?

Oh and happy First day of Summer! ♥

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