On the hunt for a brown mascara?

Over the past few months I have been on the hunt for a brown mascara.  I don't want black because it is harsh on my skin and I want a more natural look that says I tried but I didn't over try.  As I've found out, almost no brands make brown mascara; there's brown black but no brown.  Why is that?  Why is black so popular while brown takes a back seat?

Anyway, after searching all of the cruelty-free brands that I could think of I finally found a true brown mascara which I will be buying soon.  It's from Pixi, the brand that sells exclusively at Target.  This mascara is called the Large Lash Mascara and this is what their website says about it:

Specialized, buildable formula along with oversized brush delivers extreme volume & intense colour in one sweep. Separates, lengthens, and plumps each lash for a false lash look without clumping. Smudge-proof. Water-resistant. Ophthalmologically approved. Paraben & fragrance free.
The beneficial ingredients are:
+ Vitamin E nourishes
+ Panthenol strengthens lashes
+ Bamboo extract fortifies & helps to retain moisture

P.S - This mascara also comes in black for those black mascara lovers.

I thought I would share this information to you for anyone who is on the hunt for a brown mascara like I was.  I can't wait to try this so I can do a review, I just hope it works well.

What's your favorite mascara?

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