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Since I wrote a short post today I thought I would do another post and this one is going to be something I have not done here before -- a jewelry DIY.  I use this style in all of the bracelets I make because it looks nice without too much work, it's called the circle stitch.  Let's jump right in!

Approx. 6 1/2 ft of Craft Lace/Boondoggle/Gimp
Jewelry pliers to pull strings tight
Clasps (if you're using them)

Pick out two colors of craft lace and measure 6 1/2 ft.  Bend them in half to find the middle.  If using a clasp like I am, slide one end on both pieces as shown.

Cross the pieces over to create an X, while holding it in place with your thumb.

While holding the strings in place with your thumb to free up your other hand, take one of the strings and flip it over the crossing strand.  Do it again with the other strand of the same color.  Flip one up, flip one down, creating two loops.

Now comes the weave, take the strand from your LEFT and place it OVER the first loop and UNDER the second loop.  Take the strand from your RIGHT, pass is OVER the first loop and UNDER the second loop.

Pull the pieces tight but not too tight to look something like this.  Congratulations, you've just created your first square stitch!

Now, hold your starter square stitch and take the strand nearest you, pulling it UP, OVER and ACROSS the small checkerboard to create the first loop.  Do it again with the strand furthest from you.  Now that you have your two loops, take the strand from your left and go OVER the first string and UNDER the second.  Repeat the right side, OVER the first and UNDER the second.  Pull tight.

Continue to do this OVER and UNDER sequence until you reach your desired length.  Your bracelet should be looking something like this.  If it doesn't, keep trying.  It was quite tough for me at first, too.

Once you have the length your want, it's time to make a completion stitch.  Take the strand nearest you and flip it ACROSS and UP, grab the strand furthest from you and slide on your clasp then pull ACROSS and DOWN, as before.

Take the strand from the left and move it OVER the first piece and UNDER the second.  Now the right side, OVER the first strand and UNDER the second, making sure your clasp is in the center.  Don't pull tight when finished.

Now this is where it can get quite tricky, but just keep trying until you get it.  Take any strand and take it AROUND the strand to its left, then UP through the MIDDLE of the stitch.  Into the little square that is there, making sure your clasp is still in the middle.

If done correctly, your strands will all be up through the middle, looking like this.

When completed, slowly pull on the strands to close the gaps left in the completion stitch.  It may move up, so use the other hand to push down on the stitch while the other hand is pulling the stitch tight, or use the jewelry pliers to pull tight for you.  You'll notice a kind of rounded effect at the end.  When tight, cut off leftover lengths of string.  And you're done!!

I'm sorry about the pictures.  It was hard to take some of the photos with the stitches.  I hope it still does its job to help teach you.

Was this helpful?  Will you try it?

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