I just got back from my sister-in-law's birthday party.  They are twins and turned 29 today.  We had a huge mexican dinner and now I feel so full that I could burst, therefore, I am going to do the lazy blogger thing and tell you what I am currently doing.  Here goes...

Eating:  Absolutely nothing after that huge dinner.  I have a food baby.

Purchasing:  Nothing on this as well.  I won't be buying anything until hubby and I go to Target soon.

Looking forward to:  Going to the beach in early July.  It's my happy place with lots of cute shops and an arcade.  I cannot wait!

Contemplating:  If I can move safely without popping.  I think I ate too much, yeah?  Weird thing is I didn't even eat that much.

Listening to:  A Let's Play video on YouTube from our friend, Deafinition.  Watch here.

Reading:  Stephen King's The Stand.  I'm only about 100 pages in but so far it is fantastic.

Thinking about:  How I am feeling kinda sleepy now that I am so full.  It's never good to eat that size of a meal and sleep after.  Ugh, I ate too much :(

Feeling:  Sleepy.

Craving:  To watch a game my husband is playing.  Ni No Kuni.  It has Studio Ghibli graphics and animations.  A very good game!

Ending this:  Because the content on my blog today is kinda terrible and because I am feeling tired.  Damn you Casa Ramos!

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