Amazing earrings at Payless

While my Mom was here for a visit we went into Payless (as my Mom always likes to do) to look around at all of the shoes and accessories.  We both found some pretty neat items that we love all for under $10.00.  After testing out the earrings I got to make sure I'm not allergic to the metal, I would like to share them with you because they are such a good deal and so cute.

Not available on their website :(
Tropical earring set

How cute are these?  6 pairs of earrings for $9.99?  Yes please!  I wear the earrings on the top row of the first picture the most and I love all of the second set.  They are nickel free which is great for people like me that are allergic to most metals.  Plus, I like how these are pretty small and don't hang down from my ears, I don't like dangling earrings.  If you have a Payless near you I would recommend you pick some up!

What are your favorite earrings?

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